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Children have a natural desire to explore, to learn and to grow. This process can become thwarted if somewhere along the way, they become “stuck”, whether it is due to neurological impairment or sensory integrative dysfunction. This leads to developmental delays, behavioural issues, learning difficulties, etc.

We are committed to helping children grow and learn through their own natural desire to explore in a fun, safe and successful atmosphere. Treatment is presented in the form of play that can be directed so that the child’s sensory and motor deficits are addressed.

Maximum Potential offers direct therapy services specialising in a Sensory Integration and Neurodevelopmental approach which covers all areas of a child’s development, from the foundational systems to higher executive functioning, emotional intelligence and cognitive processes.

Maximum Potential has an excellent multidisciplinary team of caring, friendly, expert and highly specialised paediatric professionals which include:

Specialist Occupational Therapists
Specialist Physiotherapists
Specialist Speech and Language Therapists
Clinical and Educational Psychologists
Play therapists
Learning Specialists

We will ascertain exactly what the nature of the referral is and what your concerns are through an initial complimentary discussion. We will then recommend the options we can offer for support. This may be a referral to one or more of our specialists (above) for a more detailed discussion/ assessment to establish the underlying causes of the presenting difficulties or we can recommend commencing therapy straight away where sufficient information is available for us to do so.

Assessments will ordinarily take place at the clinic and if indicated, observations at home and at school can take place. Once an assessment has taken place, the specialist will give you a detailed feedback and issue a comprehensive report.

You can contact us by calling our clinics or by emailing us directly at the clinic closest to you. Your conversation is entirely confidential, and we offer timely and caring support.

Our Services

Occupational Therapy at Maximum Potential

An Occupational Therapist helps people, who may be experiencing difficulties, to perform day to day tasks within functional norms, by providing strategies, exercises, and functional aids.

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Paediatric Neurodevelopmental Physiotherapy at Maximum Potential

Neurodevelopmental Physiotherapy promotes increased strength, mobility, increased postural control, flexibility, motor co-ordination, balance/ core stabilisation, gross motor skills and motor planning in a fun relaxed setting.

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Speech and Language Therapy at Maximum Potential

A highly specialist Paediatric Speech and Language therapist helps children and young people with all aspects of communication. Our Speech and Language therapy team are trained in using a sensory integration approach.

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Psychology at Maximum Potential

Maximum Potential’s Mental Health and Wellbeing team is comprised of Clinical Psychologists who work closely with our Foundational Therapy team and are trained in using a range of psychological treatment approaches including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

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Play Therapy at Maximum Potential

Play therapy is a positive and effective way to help children work through difficulties they are having in safe and non-adversarial manner. Our play therapist will work closely with referrals from our foundational and cognitive clinical team and also with direct referrals from psychiatrists, and other professionals.

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Learning Specialists at Maximum Potential

We have a small team of very experienced specialist educators who offer Educational Assessment for Dyslexia and related conditions.

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