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Specialising in Sensory Integration and Neurodevelopmental Therapy


Maximum Potential is a globally established, leading independent provider of paediatric therapy services to children and young people. Our multidisciplinary team specialises in expert paediatric therapy using a Sensory Integration and a Neurodevelopmental approach as well as other traditional therapies.

Mission Statement
To understand, correctly identify and provide expert assessment for any child or young person, regardless of background, who may be experiencing issues with day-to-day functioning, which may be mild or may be more complex, and provide them with relevant and significant therapy intervention and support.

To help other professionals, doctors/therapists/educators, correctly identify, diagnose and treat children/young people with Sensory Processing Disorders and Neurodevelopmental delays. We feel strongly that any professionals working with children/young people should be well versed in SPD and NDT in order to direct them to appropriate treatment pathways.

Many developmental conditions often are co-morbid (or exist together) and can present very similarly, but are treated in different ways. It is extremely important that foundational issues are identified properly and the appropriate and treatment pathway selected for the child/young person.

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