Children's Learning Specialists London - Maximum Potential

Children's Learning Specialists London at Maximum Potential

We have a small team of very experienced specialist educators who offer Educational Assessment for Dyslexia and related conditions. This includes examination concessions and DSA applications. This type of assessment is appropriate where there are no other presenting concerns.

Multidisciplinary approach

All our professionals work as a close-knit team across all our clinics. We will work with each family to establish shared outcomes and create an individualised treatment plan that fits into their lifestyle.

As required, children will engage in individual play-based therapy that targets specific areas of development requiring intervention.

We work with parents, families, infants, toddlers, primary children, and young people in secondary and tertiary education.

Maximum Potential recruits the very best talent of each of the above therapy and their hard work, in line with our commitment to achieve the absolute best for our young clients, speaks for itself in the results we see. We employ and invest in staff through training and excellent clinical supervision so that they continue to develop their clinical practice constantly.