Testimonials - Maximum Potential


‘Ozgur Su still loves you who is talking about her great time with her play-skills group. We wanted to join your new group. However we are going to move out of London at this weekend. But I am sure your new group will be fantastic. You are the most great therapist I have ever met. We will never forget you. Thank you for all’

Özgür Özdemir Şaştım

‘Our family was experiencing quite a challenging time with our 5 year old Ryder where we felt exhausted and at a loss for how to find balance and remove stress and tensions in our relationship. We returned to play therapy as a resource whereby Jodi spoke to us at length on our parenting styles and where we were experiencing stress. She then started to see Ryder for 1:1 sessions. The sessions were geared to have Ryder, in a safe environment and with proper prompting talk through his anxieties and to communicate if he was experiencing any issues that we as parents were not aware of. Within 3 sessions we saw a huge shift in Ryder’s demeanour, confidence and communication. Jodi also gave us the tools to manage our relationship at home and properly respond to conflict. We couldn’t recommend play therapy more!’

Katya Somerville

‘Everyone thought my daughter was badly behaved and I was a bad parent – then we found out why’

“Maximum Potential is an outstanding provider of specialized services for children in London. Our international school is an inclusive school but is unable to provide many special services in-house. Therefore we sought out a partner to support our mission and to provide bespoke special services for individual students. These services were delivered to a high standard both in our school buildings and/or at Maximum Potential’s local clinic. Furthermore, a vital and unique feature of this clinic’s approach is the training provided to faculty so that the individualised education plan for each child is reinforced within the classroom. Maximum Potential was a true partner in the School’s drive to provide the very best educational outcomes for all children. The combination of successful therapeutic interventions and excellent school and parent communication ensured a coordinated and beneficial provision. I cannot recommend Maximum Potential and Melanne Randall highly enough.”


“In my roles as an educational psychologist and the director of a school’s support programme I have worked with Mel and the Maximum Potential team for nearly 20 years. They have consistently displayed a high level of professionalism and are the leading experts in sensory integration in London. We have worked together with many families to develop a multidisciplinary approach to helping children develop and achieve. Their work has been an essential part of many educational programmes that have lead to lasting benefits in the lives of children. The team at Maximum Potential are highly recommended! “


“When our school noticed our son had additional speech needs and suggested extra support, we were worried the sessions would be boring and a feel like a chore for our child but we were completely wrong! Amanda has made the lessons so fun and stimulating that our son looks forward to them and completes the engaging homework activities set willingly. We are pleased with the improvement and progress he is making and are very happy with the service. “


“I am truly grateful for having met Amanda and the team at maximum potential. The support you receive as a parent and child professionally and personally makes life so much easier when you are struggling to meet the needs of your child. Within a short period my child turned from non-verbal to singing Moana by memorising the lyrics. This Team is simply amazing and made an huge impact on the development of my daughter. Saying thank you is just not enough for their dedication.”


“The competency and qualities given by this establishment are amazing. Your flexibility in the time of pandemic was a great help to our family. Therapists are enthusiastic and always come with exciting ideas. They know what my son likes and how to make him engage in activities. My son is always looking to work with your excellent therapist and he always has a great time. Honestly, after we found Maximum Potential, we stopped looking for different places. Thank you for all the support giving during a time of need.”


“Fantastic clinic, wonderful caring professional staff, I would highly recommend”


“Our son started the course with Amanda last year and since then we have seen him progress in leaps and bounds. Our son enjoys the lessons and thrives with the one to one sessions. Amanda is skilled in identifying any weaknesses and creates a weekly work plan to help improve these areas. We are incredibly pleased with the work done by Amanda.”

N.B. & I.B.

“Our experience with Maximum Potential was life-changing for our 3-year old son who was non-verbal and overly active. From the initial assessment to the intensive OT sessions, we felt completely re-assured and safe. The experienced therapists were highly professional and very friendly, and this helped develop a very nurturing bond with our son. Within a matter of months, our son was speaking and able to focus well. There are no words of gratitude enough for Dr Randall and her wonderful team.”


“We cannot thank you enough for all that you have done to help, support and encourage Z and our family. You are the consummate professionals – so knowledgeable and compassionate and kind. We were so impressed with the time that you took to fully review and help us to understand the results of Z’s evaluation – and you have continued to help and guide us along every step of the way – even during lockdown. Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything. “


“Maximum Potential truly lived up to their name when they took our son into their program. Through therapy sessions, school support and an at home program, we saw our son’s ability to self-regulate his emotions grow and grow. As a consequence, his confidence and self-esteem strengthened. Bit by bit the focus shifted from being all about his emotional state to being about what worked best for him in both his learning and social environments so that he could reach his optimum potential. Gradually the emotional meltdowns, uncontrollable sobbing and tantrums were replaced by a calm, settled, and confident child. The incredible team at Maximum Potential made sure that our son was supported from all sides, especially at school. Explanations, classroom implementations and a sensory diet were shared with the teachers and when needed extra follow up provided, even when we moved countries and schools. There was no limit to the amount of support we felt from the team. Our son is now in grade 4. He is on the Student Council, an accomplished swimmer, a blue belt in Taekwondo, achieving all academic benchmarks and most importantly he is happy and confident. Thank you Maximum Potential for helping our child find his way and for your endless support. “


“I first met Mel at a conference and was immediately inspired by the insights she shared. Mel is a dynamic speaker – both knowledgeable and passionate about sensory integration development, disorders and strategies and treatments for them. She makes you want to learn more and leaves you with strategies to try out immediately. Through experience with many international skills, Mel has gained a reputation as a person with a unique skill set to help international schools realise how they can become more inclusive by effectively supporting students with sensory and occupational challenges. “


“In many years of collaborating with Maximum Potential on our campus, it is evident that they serve individuals through high-quality therapies offered by competent professionals – filling an important need. They also contribute their expertise on the world stage through international school consultation and training that builds the professional capacity of teachers and leaders about sensory practices. Their outreach supports student learning and development in classrooms for all students. “