Local Authorities - Maximum Potential

Local Authorities

Maximum Potential is proud to work with the majority of the Local Authorities in London and many across the United Kingdom. We are regularly commissioned by Local Authorities as we offer a timely, reliable, objective, professional service with excellent clinical provision and efficient administration.

We have been commended by several Local Authorities for our work throughout the Covid19 Public Health Emergency.

We are keen to work with the most vulnerable in our society and are mindful that budgets are limited. Accordingly we offer responsible packages of provision to Local Authority clients so that the child/ young person gains maximum benefit.

Being a large multidisciplinary team, we are able to offer experience and talent as well as timely intervention for children and young people and their families.

Specialist Occupational Therapists & Sensory Integration Practitioners Specialist Physiotherapists
Specialist Speech and Language Therapists Clinical Psychologists
Play Therapists Educational Psychologists

CHILDREN’S SEN SERVICES AND YOUNG ADULT SEN SERVICES commission Maximum Potential’s services to inform or deliver provision for Educational and Health Care Plans.

  • Assessment/ Initial Review
  • Direct Therapy Provision
  • Advice, training and consultation
  • School Observations
  • Individual Education Plan
  • Consultation for legal advisers
  • Training for caseworkers
  • Counselling, Support and Home Programme & Strategies

ADOPTION SUPPORT FUND: Adoption Services in Local Authorities in London and across the United Kingdom commission our services for assessment and therapy provision for adopted children who require additional support from highly specialised paediatric therapists trained in using a Sensory Integration and Neurodevelopmental Therapy approach.

DISTANCE SERVICES: We are able offer a range of provision services across the United Kingdom

Please contact admin@maximumpotential.org.uk or call us on 0207 486 4747 for further information.