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International Clients

Maximum Potential offers a full service of consultation, advisory, training and therapy provision to international institutional and private clients.

We have over 30 years of experience working with international clients located in the USA, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Russia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Kenya, South Africa and more recently China.

Advisory: Consultation on identification of presenting needs, parent support, curriculum design, movement based responsive teaching and incorporation of Sensory Integration into a blended curriculum. We also provide online consultation for SEN team meetings when students that are currently being treated are discussed or students that are up for discussion related to possible special services referral.

Maximum Potential has established satellite clinics in Russia, Qatar and Kenya and has advised numerous international schools and educators in the countries listed previously.

Training: We can provide a package of online and in person training for the teaching faculty, including bespoke training for classroom teachers, teaching assistants, sports staff and Special Educational Needs Coordinators, as well as parents.

Supervision: We currently provide weekly, bi-monthly and monthly supervision for therapy staff and SEN teams, via online platforms.

Hiring of Staff: When a school or clinic is ready to hire OT, Physio, SLT or Psychology/Counselling staff, we offer support to a school, via interviewing candidates, in choosing a professional with the right background, training and experience

Distance Therapy Provision: We are able to travel to most destinations and provide assessment and therapy programme services for our multidisciplinary provision. We also provide significant support online as well.







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