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Services for Schools

Maximum Potential works closely with educators in primary, secondary and tertiary settings offering training, consultation and program implementation to help all levels of educators better identify and support all children within the classroom so that foundational issues are addressed either fully or are mitigated to the level where the child can give and achieve his or her very best version of themselves.

We work with mainstream state and independent schools, boarding schools, specialised schools and colleges, and can adapt our service delivery to suit the institution’s budget.

Maximum Potential has an excellent team of caring, friendly, expert and highly specialised paediatric professionals which include:

Specialist Occupational Therapists & Sensory Integration Practitioners Specialist Physiotherapists
Specialist Speech and Language Therapists Clinical Psychologists
Play Therapists Educational Psychologists

Direct Therapy Services:

Maximum Potential offers direct therapy services specialising in a Sensory Integration and Neurodevelopmental approach.

Once a child has been referred to us, we will request that our Teacher Observational Checklist to be completed, which highlights reasons for referral. If necessary we are happy to discuss it further with the Classroom Teacher /Senco.

We will then ascertain exactly what the nature of the referral is and the presenting concerns and proceed to offer an initial complimentary discussion with parents. We will then recommend the options we can offer for support. This may be a referral to one or more of our specialists (above) for a more detailed discussion/assessment to establish the underlying causes of the presenting difficulties or we can recommend commencing therapy straight away where sufficient information is available for us to do so. Assessments will ordinarily take place at clinic and if indicated, observations at home and at school can take place.

Distance Service:

Maximum Potential is pleased to offer assessments at school where access to clinic is not feasible. This works well for our international school clients and also our client schools across the United Kingdom. The therapist will attend over the course of a day or a week and offer assessment, consultation, and training packages.

Once an assessment has taken place, the specialist will give you a detailed feedback and issue a comprehensive report.

1. Assessments – baseline, standard and EHCP.

2. Review: progress, annual review

3. 1:1 therapy provision – in clinic setting, via teletherapy or through school delivery model.

4. Programmes for implementation.

Therapy in a clinic environment is without question more effective than that conducted where there is no specialist equipment. Therapy at school can of course be undertaken, where the school has dedicated space which can be adapted to use specialist apparatus.

We recommend regular attendance at clinic (usually weekly) with an expert therapist, implementing the advice/tasks at home by your therapist and support being put in place at school through close liaison.

For sessions at school there will be in-service training from our specialists to classroom staff, PE teachers and teaching assistants.

Indirect Therapy Services: OT, Physio, SALT, Clinical Psychology & Educational Psychology

Maximum Potential offers several service deliveries models for our institutional clients which support schools and educators to facilitate foundational and cognitive development across all areas of the curriculum.

Consultation services:

Curriculum design (academic) Curriculum design (Physical Education)
Classroom Layout Classroom furniture
Embedded satellite clinic Playground design
Online consultation for Educational staff Playground Aids/equipment use

Training services:

We offer a range of staff training models to suit each individual organisation’s needs. This can be done in person or via an online platform. Once educators understand the principles behind Sensory Integration and why is so instrumental to a child’s ability to learn, they will find that they can accurately interpret and identify a student’s ‘behaviours’ and support them appropriately/effectively or, if necessary, divert to access more targeted input from specialist professionals.

We offer a wide range of training services which is bespoke for each school and its individual requirements.

Classroom teachers Learning Enrichment
SENCO Learning Support Assistants
Teaching Support Assistants Senior Management Team
Whole school training PE / Sport training to facilitate development

Supervision Services:

We offer training and supervision services to in-house specialists and therapy staff who may be directly employed by schools.

Please contact us for further information at or 020 7486 47 47